Bacula 5.2.10 windows and openssl library

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Bacula 5.2.10 windows and openssl library

Guillaume Hardouin
Hello bacula community,

Today I'm trying to install my bacula-fd on windows servers. When I
launch 'status client=windows-server-fd' I get :

> Error: openssl.c:86 Connect failure: ERR=error:1409441B:SSL
> routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:tlsv1 alert decrypt error

> Fatal error: TLS negotiation failed with FD at "windows-server:9102"

and on my client I get messages like this :

> 22-Sep 10:41 windows-server JobId 0: Error:
> /home/kern/bacula/k/bacula/src/lib/tls.c:92 Error with certificate at
> depth: 2, issuer = [...], subject = [...], ERR=7:certificate signature
> failure
> 22-Sep 10:41 Fatal Error at
> /home/kern/bacula/k/bacula/src/filed/authenticate.c:208 because:
> Unable to authenticate Director

So I investigate more depth and found that this errors are linked to
openssl version on the bacula's windows package (openssl v.0.9.8 doesn't
work and openssl v.0.1.0 work)

My question is :

how can I embed openssl v.0.1.0 with bacula windows package.

Kind regards,

Guillaume Hardouin
Administrateur IT / Olfeo

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