Bacula/Backblaze B2 Integration

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Bacula/Backblaze B2 Integration

Steve Daly
I'm looking for a solution to backup my Synology NAS.  I have tried CrashPlan, but the headless configuration isn't officially supported.  Every time there is an update to the CrashPlan client the backup breaks and it takes too much time to get things going.

My current solution is to use Synology CloudSync and Backblaze's B2 storage service.  Syncing isn't backing up.  It will do for now, but I need a more enterprise-worthy solution.

I came across Bacula via a package repository for Synology solutions.   I am comfortable with setting it up.  I was wondering if there is a solution for using Backblaze B2 as the backup destination.  Or is there a better solution?  For example, creating the backup files locally then syncing that directory off to B2.

Thanks for your consideration...

Steve Daly
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