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Bacula Release 7.0.4

Kern Sibbald

This is to let you know that I have released the source code for Bacula
7.0.4 to the Source Forge download area.

This release has two important fixes:

1. There were some problems in some cases (groan it never showed up in
my testing) of SD->SD connections for Copy/Migration jobs.  This is now

2. There were some bizarre cases of the cancel command canceling the
wrong jobs.  I never could reproduce it, but after reviewing the code
many times, I discovered an error in the calling sequence (rarely ever
happens) that seems to be the cause of the problem.  Users reporting
this problem have now reported that it is fixed.

3. I have modified the cancel command not to continue after an error.
Previously it continued and could potentially select another job to be
canceled and if the user was not excessively attentive the wrong job
could be canceled.

The release notes are rather short:

Release version 7.0.4
This is a bug fix release to version 7.0.3.  We recommend that
everyone upgrade to this version.

The main fixes are to make copy/migration to a second SD work, and
to cleanup some of the inconsistencies in the cancel command which
could confuse the user.

 - Better error handling for cancel command
 - Fix compiler warning + simplify some #ifdefs
 - Fix copy/migration to second SD
 - Fix calls to sl.set_string()
 - Improve sellist code

Best regards,

PS: I will now be focusing on the outstanding bug reports ...

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