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Bacula Status Report (1 of 2)

Kern Sibbald

This is the first half of the quarterly Bacula Status report; the second
half will follow in a separate email.

1. If you like Bacula and you like helping people, you should be aware
that since Bacula Systems is a growing company, there are two Bacula
Systems support positions open.  One is for the Eastern part of the
United States and the second is in Eastern Europe (the hiring manager
might also consider applications from Portugal).

2. The third position is in the R&D department for doing IT/QA and
builds.  This position depending on your qualifications and experience
could lead to a very nice career in the development of Bacula itself if
you have C and C++ experience.

For the details on each of these positions, please visit:

3. Many thanks to Dan Langille for pointing out on the users list that
even if you are not technically able to contribute to the project, if
you can build Bacula from source and run it, you can help by running
nightly regression tests.  Please see past posts by Dan on this
subject.  Running regression tests, helps us, the developers, find
problems that are machine or platform related, and there always seem to
be a number of them.

Finally I hope you all had (and are still having) a very nice Holiday
Season and I wish you all the best with peace and prosperity for 2015
and beyond.

The second part of this status report will give you some idea where we
are with Bacula development and where we are going.

For all of you who have recently sent me emails -- many thanks.  For
those who haven't I would appreciate hearing from you.

Best regards,

Bacula Project Manager

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