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Bacula Status Report

Kern Sibbald

The main purpose of this Status Report is to wish you a very
good holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous 2014.
Thanks for using Bacula, and thanks for sticking with it :-)

I have recently been working on updating the web site to
have a more modern look  thanks to help from a Bacula
community member as well as sponsorship of the graphics
design part from Bacula Systems. The first beginnings of
this can be seen on:

Please note, that this is work in progress so that most of
of the blog site is still empty.  Over the next few weeks, I
will add more blog material.  We have scheduled the major
part of the work to refresh the web site to be complete by
mid-March 2014.

I am currently working on the next Bacula version and what
it will contain.  Hopefully it will be ready and complete for
March 2014.  As soon as I am sure what features it will
contain, I will start announcing them on the blog
site -- hopefully by the end of January.

Thanks for using Bacula.

Best wishes for 2014,


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