Bacula version 7.2.0 released

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Bacula version 7.2.0 released

Kern Sibbald

Our Bacula Systems gnome gurus have been working hard in the Swiss
mountains, and their work is now released as Bacula version 7.2.0.  You
can find the source code at Source Forge as usual.

This version has quite a number of difficult and important bug fixes
over version 7.0.5 as well as a good number of new features.  I won't
attempt to list all the new features here, but suggest that you look at
the New Features chapter of the manual.  Please note that there may be a
few new features documented in the 7.2. section of the manual that were
actually in 7.0.5 -- I just ran out of time at the end, so rather than
miss a feature, I took the risk to include some already released.

This version has not been tested in production yet, so please test it
carefully.  That said, it is largely based on Bacula Enterprise version
8.2, which is extremely stable and it also has a number of fixes and
features from the next, yet unreleased, Enterprise version as well as
*all* the Enterprise bug fixes.

For certain of the new features, and a couple more yet to come, this
version has a new catalog layout, which means that you must do a catalog
upgrade (it is relatively simple).  As always, please backup your
database prior to applying the upgrade procedure.

Previously we supplied an update script for only one version.  To avoid
the proliferation of upgrade scripts in the future, we have settled on a
single script (update_bacula_tables), which will upgrade from version
3.0.x to version 5.2.x (same as 7.0.x) and to the new 7.2.0 format.  So
the procedure much simpler.
As soon as we can update the web site to have a sort of more
automated download area, we will move our source release to the web site and begin furnishing binaries.

Many thanks to Bacula Systems for providing the bug fixes and new
features.  Since the development process in Bacula Systems is going
faster (more programmers), we can expect even more features in future

You may notice a few license/copyright changes, but these are all very
positive for the community version and its future. I will go into it in
more detail on this point in a Status Report that will follow this
announcement in a few days.

Thanks for using Bacula.

Best regards,

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