Deleting unwanted backups on tape?

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Deleting unwanted backups on tape?

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Hi folks,

My first question on this board!

I recently switched jobs, and I now must take care of a backup system using Bacula.
I'm a real newbie, but I managed to learn the basics.
Today I was asked if it was possible to erase all backups from a certain client on our tapes, and I don't know the answer!

We currently have the backups of 4-5 clients, on pools of tapes (daily, weekly, monthly) and disk. I have 5 years retention on the volumes, but a File Retention of 30 days and a Job Retention of 6 months.
Regarding the disk, I have much smaller retention.

Can anyone help me with this matter please? Could it be possible to give Bacula a File/Job Retention of 0 for the jobs related to the client for which I wish to erase the data and let it overwrite the records?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best Regards,