Diagnosing the cause of "waiting for storage" messages

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Diagnosing the cause of "waiting for storage" messages

Nick Jeitner

I'm relatively new to bacula and am setting up file/tape configuration using concurrent jobs with priorities.

I've setup the maximum concurrent jobs (on the director (50), storage (50) client (5 x 5) and device resources). On the surface it looks like I'm running  less than the maximum number of jobs allowed. The database (postgres) show's 11 (file) jobs running and 4 tape jobs. The maximum number of jobs I've set is 50 (dir & sd).

Although the catalog reports the tape jobs running, they are stalled and bconsole status reports that they are waiting on the TapeLibrary storage device (autochanger with 4 drives). All the the file jobs have the same priority and the tape jobs have (the same) higher priority with "allow mixed priorities" set on all jobs.

I there any technique I can use to diagnose why these jobs are waiting? Is there are definitive way of determining how many jobs are running in each daemon, other than querying the database?

Thanx Nick