Fatal errors when trying to backup a Windows7 64bit VBox virtual machine

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Fatal errors when trying to backup a Windows7 64bit VBox virtual machine

Diniz Bortolotto
Hi people!

My name is Diniz and this is my first time here in this community list! :-)
I'm following Kern's suggestion to share and try to resolve my issue (http://bugs.bacula.org/view.php?id=2260).
I'm getting fatal errors when trying to backup  a Windows7 64bit VBox virtual machine.

Errors like:
14-Dec 20:35 darkstar-sd JobId 81: Fatal error: bsock.c:569 Packet size=4206194 too big from "client: Terminating connection.
14-Dec 20:35 darkstar-sd JobId 81: Fatal error: append.c:183 Error reading data header from FD. n=-1 msglen=-4 ERR=No data available

The setup I made is, in few words, these:
1 - Have a Win7 64bit in a VBox VDI disk, using NAT.
2 - Created a so-called "host-only" interface (vboxnet0)
3 - Downloaded and installed Bacula as usual.
4 - Added the new Client config (win7-vbox-fd) in director (darkstar-dir)
5 - Created a Job and tried to run it.

All daemons are in the same version (7.4.4) and now I tried again today (Dec, 14 at 20:33) with a trace activated in all daemons.
I'm not sure if I can send attached files (specially big ones like traces) thus I created a shared folder in my GoogleDrive with all configuration and log files named

The folder content is these:
bacula-dir.conf - Director conf
bacula-fd.conf - File Daemon conf (Local Client)
bacula-sd.conf - Storage Daemon conf
bacula.log - Bacula log from Working dir
config.out - Config out from Bacula Installation directory
darkstar-dir.trace - Director trace
darkstar-fd.trace - File Daemon trace (Local Client)
darkstar-ifconfig.txt - Network configuration on Server/Host
darkstar-sd.trace - Storage Daemon trace
win7-vbox-fd.conf - File Daemon conf (VBox Client)
win7-vbox-fd.trace - File Daemon trace (VBox Client)
win7-vbox-ipconfig.txt - Network configuration in VBox Win7 Guest

Let me know if and how I could help you to help me! :-)

Best Regards,

Diniz Bortolotto

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