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File Attributes Database Issues

Can Şirin
Hi everyone,

I am using Bacula 7.2.0 on RHEL7. Dir, sd and fd daemons running on  
same server. My backup size is almost 20 TB with millions of small  
files and writing the data to LTO4 tapes. I have run 8 jobs  
concurrently with different 8 LTO4 drives. While jobs are running, I  
had no problem with reading data from my storage device, and writing  
it to LTO4 tapes.

I have not enabled data spooling. I have not enabled attribute  
spooling explicitly as well. When the running states finished, it  
turns "SD despooling Attributes". Eventough it is written in  
documentation, the default value of attribute spooling is off, it is  
enabled implicitly. This is the first problem.

My second problem is related with the first one. My jobs are still  
despooling file attributes for over 24 hours. And the spool files'  
sizes are around 7~8 GB. I don't think it takes 24 hours to write that  
data to PostgreSQL database with default configuration. PostgreSQL  
engine is working on the same server as well. And the server has Xeon  
E5630 processor, 12 GB ram and 2 TB disk space for database engine.

I have also tried to tune the Postgres configuration according to . But nothing changed.

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated...


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