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Kern Sibbald

Since I am on vacation, I cannot be 100% sure that this email
would otherwise be properly delivered to you, so I took the
initiative to forward it to the lists.

Best regards,

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Subject:     Re: Bacula Status Report
Date:     Thu, 28 Nov 2013 22:34:57 +0100
From:     Matija Šuklje <[hidden email]>
Organization:     Free Software Foundation Europe
To:     bacula-users <[hidden email]>, bacula-devel
<[hidden email]>, bacula-announce
<[hidden email]>
CC:     Kern Sibbald <[hidden email]>

Dear Bacula devs and users,

It's the stated policy of the FLA programme that the authors of a program
remain in control of the strategic direction of their project. As FSFE, we
acknowledge that the Bacula authors have made the choice to permit a
version of the program to be distributed alongside the free version.

But we neither endorse nor encourage this choice, and we certainly don't
it's a „model for the industry“.

For more details on the Fiduciary programme please see:


and the specific agreement regarding Bacula:


Matija Šuklje
FSFE Legal Coordinator
and Fellowship group Slovenia Coordinator
www: http://fsfe.org       █▉   || priv. www: http://matija.suklje.name
e-mail: [hidden email]    █▉█▉█▉ || priv. e-mail: [hidden email]
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