How to fix Bacula after tape autoloader dysfunction?

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How to fix Bacula after tape autoloader dysfunction?

Hello bacula-users :-)

Following misbehaviour by an HP StoreEver 18G2 LTO-6 Ultrium 6250 Tape
Autoloader, the list volume command shows two tapes with VolStatus Error
and one tape as Full with VolBytes 12,901,819,392.

We do not believe the information.  Surely an LT06 cannot be filled with
12.5 GB.  And in a recent previous similar incident a different tape was
shown with Error.  We cleared that by re-initialising the Bacula
database and the tapes.

Happily we have a parallel backup system and anyway the Bacula system
has not been running long since re-initialisation.  So we can
re-initialise again.

Alternatively what can we do to recover Bacula from this situation,
assuming the autoloader is fixed?  The update command can be used to
change VolStatus but that is a forceful override.  Is there anything
equivalent to "update slots" for tapes, to ask Bacula to scan all the
tapes, updating VolStatus, VolBytes etc?



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