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Ana Emília M. Arruda

bacula-sd daemon usually run as bacula user. The directory defined in "Archive Device" should have bacula:disk or bacula:tape ownership.

Please have a look at permissions/ownership of "/mnt/s3/consi-it-backup/" to allow bacula user access.

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I fixed the earlier client issue which was due to non removal of the ash tag(#) that made it as a comment and not a config. presently this is the error i receive "backup-sd JobId 36: Error: dev.c:130 Unable to stat device /mnt/s3/consi-it-backup/: ERR=Permission denied"

i have created a s3 bucket with a name consi-it-backup in my amazon cloud  and mounted the same in my ec2 instance that's running bacula director. I want to directly make use of s3 through s3fs in my ec2 instance. does s3fs is restricted only to root user ? how to make bacula to access the bucket ?


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