Rewriting sonames for libbaccats DB backends broken

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Rewriting sonames for libbaccats DB backends broken

Back in 2013 a patch got added to bacula to rewrite the sonames for the
DB backends to libbaccat
(see commit: 51b3b98fb77ab3c0decee455cc6c4d2eb3c5303a from 20-04-2013).

That function is broken now. The changes to Makefile.in are still in
place but the needed patch for ltmain.sh got overwritten by a later
update of libtool.
(see commit 536c8a6956a0a792797f0b9335aacc095cde9536 from 03-05-2014).

At least the patch to ltmain.sh from the first commit needs to be
reapplied again.



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