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Schedule - rotate pool by week.

Gi Dot

I have 3 sets of tapes, pool'ed by week -

mon-set1 - mon
tue-set1 - tue
wed-set1 - wed
thu-set1 - thu
fri-set1  - fri/sat/sun

mon-set2 - mon
tue-set2 - tue
wed-set2 - wed
thu-set2 - thu
fri-set2 - fri/sat/sun

mon-set3 - mon
tue-set3 - tue
wed-set3 - wed
thu-set3 - thu
fri-set3 - fri/sat/sun

Say if volumes from Set1Pool run this week (monday-sunday), volumes from Set2Pool will run the next week, and followed by volumes from Set3Pool the week after that, and then back to Set1Pool.

What would be the simplest way for me to achieve the schedule as described? I can't think of other way than specifically doing it by number of week, which I'm trying to avoid. It's not necessary for the pool to run on a specific week (for example set1 must run on first week of the month), I just need them to be rotated by weekly basis, regardless which week of the month its running.


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