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Selective Migration Plan

Kern Sibbald

If you are wondering what the Selective Migration Plan is,
be aware it is a "commercial" offer, which I don't generally
bringing up on these lists except as a side note to my
quarterly Status Reports.  However, in this case,
I have been really surprised by two things:

1. The number of users who are purchasing the Bacula
     Systems Windows Binaries.  Thank you.  As I said when
     we started this plan, our intention was not to make money
     off of it, but rather to provide a service and cover the costs,
     which is what is happening.  I hope to have an updated
     Windows version posted by early December.

2. The number of Bacula users who are taking advantage
     of the Bacula Systems Selective Migration plan.  Unlike
     the above, this is Bacula Systems bread and butter -- offering
     support contracts, and the last offer was very well received so
     the Bacula Systems sales department is offering it again.
     See below ...

As you all know by now, Bacula Systems has created a special
offer for all Bacula community users called the Selective Migration
Plan.  Since its inception, it has been adopted by hundreds of
companies.  If you want to have a support team who is very
responsive to your every request, this may be the package for

This plan includes, with the purchase of a yearly Bacula Systems
Subscription at corresponding price value:

- The Enterprise Edition in its current version
- 1 free plugin of choice during the first year of subscription
- 1 day of remote consulting
- Migration White Paper
- Training course (Admin I and/or Admin II) at 50% discount

The only requirement is that you are an existing Bacula
community user.

If you want to enjoy the Bacula Enterprise Edition Selective
Migration Plan or if you need further information, please

[hidden email]

or visit the web site at:

Thanks for using Bacula :-)


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