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Upcoming Bacula Conference

Kern Sibbald

Some of you may remember that a number of years ago, we held a
Bacula Conference in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. I really enjoyed
this conference and found it very usefulSince then, we have been
unable to hold another one due to lack of resources.
I am very pleased
to announce that we are planning a bigger and better conference to be
held in Berlin, Germany on the 21st of March 2014.

This is a conference for all Bacula users as well as
Bacula Partners.  It
is being sponsored by Bacula Systems, but is oriented specifically towards
the community.

Your presence will be important as it will provide you with insights into future
plans for the community version; show the best ways to take advantage
 - as a community user - of Bacula Enterprise Edition features, outline the
new Bacula Training program, develop specific technical show cases, provide
you with an update on Open Source directly from the Free Software
Foundation Europe and talk about specific case studies.

I see at least 5 major reasons to attend:

1. To get an update on the community version product strategy, planned
     features and input your ideas and needs

2. To hear - from the source - what is going on in Open Source,
     with Karsten Gerloff, President of FSFE

3. To meet with me, share experiences with Bacula users,
     Bacula Systems customers and Partners

4. To meet with the developers from the community as well as
     from Bacula Systems and see how they contribute to the
     evolution of Bacula

5. To meet, connect and share while enjoying the dinner offered
      by Bacula Systems the evening before the Conference day

Since this is a worldwide event, all conference presentations will be
given in English.

A dinner, sponsored by Bacula Systems, will be offered on the 20th of March
commencing at 8pm.  Please, be sure to arrive on time.

Please mark the date of 21 March 2014 (and the evening before for our dinner)
in your calendars.  Shortly, I will send you more inform
ation about the
exact conference location, reduced hotels rates, presentations and the
registration process

I am hoping to meet as many of you as possible during this
Bacula Users & Partners Conference,

Meanwhile, I wish you a great summer break!


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