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Variable in Fileset Exclude-list

Daniel Heitepriem
Hi everybody,

is it possible to use variables or similar in exclude list of filesets?
Imagine we have this job declaration:

Job {
   Name = "tester.logs"
   Storage = WEST
   JobDefs = "DefaultJob"
   Schedule = "Early"
   Write Bootstrap = "/etc/bacula/bsr/test.bsr"
   Client = client1
   FileSet = "tester.logs"
   RunScript {
     RunsWhen = After
     FailJobOnError = No
     Command = "/opt/bacula/libexec/ %i"
     RunsOnSuccess = Yes
     RunsOnClient = Yes

FileSet {
   Name = "tester.logs"
   Include {
     Options {
       signature = MD5
     File = /logs/tomcat
     File = /logs/mongodb
   Exclude {
     File = /logs/tomcat/catalina.out
     File = /logs/mongo/mongo.log
     File = /logs/tomcat/localhost_access_log.$(date +%Y-%m-%d).txt <--
Possible ??

The last line of the exclude list is the one I'm not sure about. Tomcat
by default creates these "localhost_access_log.%DATE%.txt", e.g.
localhost_access_log.2017-01-10.txt. Does this expression in the config
file word or should I work around it by using a script or similar?

Thanks and best regards,

Daniel Heitepriem

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