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Kern Sibbald

Email problems:

A number of you have complained that you could not get a
confirmation when signing up for the bugs database.  I thought
this was due to the tight measures we have taken to avoid spam.
However, it was due to an overzealous and incorrect application
of some postfix rules that caused all emails sent by
except to its relay sites (which includes me) to be totally blocked.

This is now corrected, and so any new subscriptions should work
fine.  In addition, if you previously subscribed, it probably succeeded,
but you simply were unable to get the response.

I regret the inconvenience that this caused.

New website:

Since I am writing to you, I would like to mention that we are working
on a new website design that is more modern, allows blogging,
user feedback, rss feeds, and all such current website features.
The work is scheduled to be complete in the March-April time frame
to coincide with the next release. It will also include a new logo.  If
you are interested to see the work in progress, simply visit:

The final result will be significantly different from the current skeleton.

Best regards,

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