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parallel copy file to tape jobs

Ulrich Leodolter-2

I am trying on of the new version 7 features.

The Bacula Storage daemon now permits multiple jobs to simultaneously
read the same disk Volume, which gives substantial performance
enhancements when running Migration, Copy, or VirtualFull jobs that read
disk Volumes. Our testing shows that when running multiple simultaneous
jobs, the jobs can finish up to ten times faster with this version of
Bacula. This is built-in to the Storage daemon, so it happens
automatically and transparently.

My bacula setup is quite simple:

1 file storage
1 tape storage (2 drive autochanger)

1 pool on file storage
2 copy pools on tape storage

I like to copy parallel from file storage pool into both drives which
have mounted volumes from copy pools.

Until now i runs only interleaved, and at any time only one tape
drive is written to.  I have increased Max Concurrent Jobs at various
places, but it changed nothing.  I tried to monitor copy jobs using
"status dir" on bconsole.

 JobId  Type Level     Files     Bytes  Name              Status
621166  Copy Full          0         0  CopyDiskToTape    is running
621197  Admi               0         0  UpdateBvfs        is waiting for higher priority jobs to finish
621203  Back Incr          0         0  Backup-teamwork   is running
621204  Copy Full          0         0  CopyDiskToExtClone is waiting on Storage "File"
621239  Back Incr          0         0  Backup-teamwork   is waiting on Storage "QTM-Tape"

Storage "File" has "Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 20" and Storage "QTM-Tape"
(Autochanger) has "Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 4".  I wonder why the
second copy job is waiting.

The release notes tell me this new feature has been tested,  but i
wonder which setup has been used in this tests ?
I would be nice to see the configuration used in these tests or to
get at least an idea.

Has anyone outside bacula(systems) tested this new feature?

Best regards

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