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restore jobs console ACL to limit where ?

Soeren Sonnenburg

While console ACLs seem to work somehow, I could not find a way to limit
the destination when restoring a job. Well in my example below it uses
restore-my but still I can modify restore-my to restore to any directory I
want (and thus posing a problem if the machine is shared among users).

Also it would be nice if on restore and then listing jobs only the valid
jobs/filenames of the ones in JobACL were shown (currently I can see all
as MyCatalog has them all...)

Console {
        Name = my-console
        Password = "foo"
        JobACL = backup-my,restore-my
        ClientACL = my-fd
        StorageACL = File-my
        ScheduleACL = backup-my
        PoolACL = Full-Pool-my,Diff-Pool-my,Inc-Pool-my
        FileSetACL = FullBackup-my
        CatalogACL = MyCatalog
        CommandACL = quit,run,restore,messages


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