sqlite crash in bacula-dir-1.36.2-1mdk

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sqlite crash in bacula-dir-1.36.2-1mdk

Hello all,

On a fresh install of bacula, the following leads to a crash :

- do some backup
- edit bacula-dir.conf to add some files
- restart bacula-dir

results in this error (seen from bconsole):

*status dir
Using default Catalog name=MyCatalog DB=bacula
Could not open database "bacula".
sqlite.c:151 Unable to open Database=/var/lib/bacula/bacula.db.
ERR=malformed database schema - unable to open a temporary database file
for storing temporary tables

The only way out is to recreate the database.

I don't see any permissions problems. The directory /var/lib/bacula
belongs to the user bacula. /tmp and /var/tmp are writable by bacula.

I cannot setdebug without getting that same error.

If I use sqlite to see what's in the bacula.db, I see the database "main"
which is in the normal place (/var/lib/bacula) and
1    temp             /var/tmp/sqlite_qVfam9PKLi9Sfu1

/var/tmp has this permissions (same as /tmp)
drwxrwx-wt  2 root adm
and there is no file /var/tmp/sqlite_qVfam9PKLi9Sfu1

Where on earth is bacula trying to create this temporary database ?
And which one ?

My install :

Linux Mandrake 10.1
Bacula 1.36.2-1mdk from cooker

What beats me is that as long as I do not change bacula-dir.conf, I can do
as many backups as I want. I can stop/restart bacula-dir, all is OK.

As soon as I change bacula-dir.conf, kaboom.

Any hints ?
Thanks in advance

-- Jean-Marc

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