stop/resume of a 6TB job fills /tmp-Partition

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stop/resume of a 6TB job fills /tmp-Partition

Uwe Schuerkamp
Hi folks,

I tried the new "stop / resume" functions on our bacula server for the
first time today (7.4.4 / MariaDB / CentOS6 compiled from source).

While stop seemed to work ok and left the job in an "incomplete" state
after finishing the "spooling attributes" bit, "resume" just sat there
for an hour and quietly filled up the servers /tmp-Partition.

I've now set MariaDB's TMPDIR to a partition with 11TB space, but I
was wondering if there's a rule of thumb to calculate how much space
mysql / mariadb will require for the tmp tables it creates before the
job is able to resume successfully.

A normal "full" is about 8TB and contains some 70,000,000 files,
the "accurate" flag is set.

Thanks in advance for your comments,


Uwe Schürkamp | email: <[hidden email]>

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