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the hair bun

the hair bun

start out with a carefully brush length. take them to the top of the head, and then put them in the really high ponytail. pass them out in a foam bun, you put in the base of the ponytail.
then the flange cover with your hair all around. keep it as flat as pins. your hair is formed. you need to gently pull the tips of the fingers, in order to make it soft. you can also make some bits for a false appearance. finish with a cloud of spray on optimal.

the half tail rope
to make this hair brush hair is working on. and then a clear split down the middle, with a fine tooth comb. if the two bits by selecting relatively thick side. bring it around to the back of the head, then tie the half line with a rubber band.

and then to the establishment of the lock head. if the half line into two equal parts. select a little bit on the outside of the right side and cut him off at the centre. do the same with the one on the left. well, move to the point, by always locks of the same thickness, so that the report is fair. take your rubber band at the base of your [b][url=]uk glueless lace front wigs[/url][/b] hair, and use it to maintain it at the end. secure them with a mist spray.